Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies User Group

User GroupsThe Service's User Group was established in response to our first Charter Mark application in 1996.

We have always been keen to find out what our users want, and hope this group helps to give a framework and structure to our consultation.

Members of the group are invited as representatives of those we work with closely.

When does the User Group meet?

The group will meet twice a year, but members are consulted throughout the year.

The Members

  • Provide feedback and comments on what we are doing and how well we are  performing.
  • Discuss priorities for our annual business plan.
  • Look at the results of any surveys or other consultations that have taken place.
  • Receive reports on current patterns of use and areas of research among our users.
  • Consider any other issues or suggestions which members may wish to raise.

How can I contact the User Group?

If you would like your comments to be passed to the User Group, please write to the group c/o Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service, Cheshire Record Office, Duke Street, Chester, CH1 1RL or email the Record Office.