Life in Lockdown: your stories shared

Cheshire Archives & Local Studies are launching a project to collect images of life in Cheshire during the COVID-19 pandemic. Life in Lockdown: your stories shared will create a lasting memory of this unique period – a visual time capsule of everyday life.


Photograph of Crewe kindly donated by Peter Robinson

Photograph of Crewe kindly donated by Peter Robinson

Photograph of Crewe kindly donated by Peter Robinson








We have a large collection of historic photographs of people, places and events which are hugely important in telling the story of our local communities. This project will ensure that life during the pandemic is recorded and preserved for future generations, and we need your help to do this. Can you contribute to the next phase of this story? 

We’re keen to represent the full range of different experiences from all our communities Cheshire-wide. Have you taken a photo that sums up an aspect of life in lockdown for you? 100 of these images will be added to the Cheshire Image Bank for all to see and we hope the results will be enlightening as well as inspiring.

If you’d like to share your images please complete the donation form and email it to along with your images. Alternatively we can receive images via We Transfer. 

N.B. Please ask permission from people before taking any close ups.

This is history in the making, thank you for your contribution! 

 We will be collecting photographs only. However, there are two other projects we’d like to share with you.

  • West Cheshire Museums are looking for suggestions about what kind of objects they should collect relating to COVID-19. Take a look at their Collecting COVID project website for more information.
  • 2engage Performing Arts would like young people aged 10-18 to submit a piece of creativity reflecting their experience of lockdown. More details can be found on their Lockdown Life Project website.


 Photographs kindly donated by Peter Robinson.