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  We offer the following services free of charge:

  • You can visit our searchroom to look at original documents, microfilm and online family history resources on the People’s Network PCs, including some sites that are normally subscription or pay per view (Ancestry and Find My Past where you will find our Cheshire Collection that includes parish registers and wills)
  • We can advise you on research and archive sources in person, by telephone (01244 972574) or email
  • You can search our online catalogue and databases



Photocopying options
OptionChargeFormatMinimum Charge online
Per photocopy £0.50 (except from newspapers and church registers - see below) A4 or A3 black and white


Copies from Church Registers and Newspapers
 Copy PerChargeFormat

Copies from church registers

(Baptism entries over 100 years,

marriage entries over 84 years)

Per print £1.75 A4 or A3 black and white
Copies from newspapers Per article £3.00

A4 or A3 black and white

Copy of a will

Per will £5.00

A4 or A3 black and white 

Vehicle licensing records

Per registration £4.00

A4 or A3 black and white

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Charges for digital images and prints

 These prices apply to copies of archival and printed items which cannot be photocopied, such as

  • coloured items
  • volumes
  • fragile items
  • large format items (over A3 in size)
Digital Image charges
OptionChargeMinimum Charge
Digital images sent by email £6.00 for up to 5 digital images and £2.00 for each subsequent image sent by email


Digital images bulk order £84.00 per hour. Please get in touch for a personalised quote


We can also provide photographic quality prints of documents from digital images.

 Digital print charges
Type of printPrice per print
Copy from digital capture up to A3 (colour) £2.00
Digital print on photographic paper

A4: £8.00 

A3: £11.00

A2: £17.00 

A1: £39.00 

Large format digital print (use this option to order map copies)

A2 (black and white): £6.50 

A2 (colour): £11.00 

A1 (black and white): £11.00 

A1 (colour): £27.50 

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 Postage and Packing

Postage rates
ItemsUKEuropeRest of the World
1-10 sheets up to A3 £1.00 £3.50 £4.50
Map tube (up to 250g) £9.00 £14.00 Price on request

All other postage and packing charges can be given on application. 


Research Service

Our professional researcher can undertake genealogical and historical research on your behalf. The cost is £34.00 per hour up to a maximum of 5 hours per order. 

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You can also book an appointment with our research consultant for a 1-1 session in our searchroom.  This will cost £11.00 for 30 minutes. Please contact us for further details or to book a session. 

If you need us to check information on your behalf we can carry out a specific search and look up for you at a charge of £8.50.

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Certificates and Official Enquiries

Certificates and official enquiries
Enquiry typeFee
Baptism/burial certificate £18.00/£18.00
Catholic and Non-Anglican baptism certificate £18.00
Certified copies of Magistrate Court records £37.00 per court sitting
Certification of copies £8.50 
Hedgerow enquiries £34.00 
Private enquiries for Right to Buy (up to 5 years)


Private enquiries for Right to Buy (over 5 years)


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Charges for taking your own photographs

We charge to issue a camera permit for you to take images for your own reference within the searchroom. This applies even if you are using a camera phone. The rates are:

  • Per day  - £5.50
  • 4 days in a 4 week period - £17
  • or Annual - £55.00


Standard charge for talks and lectures at outside venues or for visits to Record Office. For a bespoke talk there is an additional charge of £34.00.

During office hours 1-2 hours duration £56.00
After 6pm 1-2 hours duration £66.00


Workshops, for up to two hours, are charged at £11.00 per person. School visits to the Record Office are charged at £7.00 per pupil.

Reproduction Fees

For use of copies of Record Office documents in publications. Fees are per image. 

Reproduction Fees
MediaType of rightsFee
Print/ebook/website Non commercial Free (complementary copies of publication required)
  Commercial (local) £33.00 +VAT 
  Commercial, national and international £72.00 +VAT
 TV UK rights only £65.00 +VAT
  World rights/Broadcast to DVD £122.00 +VAT 

Photographs and photocopies are supplied for private research or study only. Permission must be obtained from Cheshire Archives & Local Studies before copies supplied are published in any form. e.g. in a book, on television, or on a website. Fees are subject to negotiation depending on, for example, number of images to be used, crediting, or supply of publications agreed with Local Studies Specialist.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque made payable to Cheshire West and Chester Council, or by telephone using a credit/debit card (Mastercard, Visa or Visa Delta). Do not send cash through the post. 

If you are paying for research, copying or publications by credit or debit card, you can order online.

For further information please contact us.